«Those who are silent can hear.» This ancient wisdom is as topical today as it was in the past. And this is why your personal contact with BCP will often be characterized by silence and active questions. We listen in order to understand. We ask in order to recognize. We make sure we understand correctly, so you will get custom-fit services. All of this is accompanied by our «hard skills», which are a natural component of human resources consulting and important enough to be described in detail:

Banking and Insurance

Sensitive issues, a highly regulated market and the desire to pursue a steep career path – banking and insurance are a world of their own. At BCPersonal, you will encounter the knowledge and expertise built on long-standing c-level experience in banking, profound insight in the area of Corporate Governance and guidance in strategies to ensure the proper conduct of a business.

Digital Transformation

From analog to digital, from traditional to agile – the only constant is change itself. New digital structures transcend boundaries, creating new networks, client segments and distribution channels. In this process, the emotional ties between the customer and the company are vital. BCPersonal embraces digitization, is familiar with its challenges and knows that digital transformation requires far more than technology: a new way of thinking, a cultural change, a «human» transformation.

Real Estate, Architecture and Construction, Facility Management, Building Services

From planning to building – you need personalities who offer outstanding communication skills combined with technical dexterity. BCPersonal continually builds and grows its network of companies and specialists in the areas of Real Estate, Construction, Architecture and Facility Management. Your future employee may well be a part of our network!

Human Resource Management

Your company has its own, unique culture. Therefore, in human resources in particular, it is key to find custom-fit employees that understand your culture, cultivate it and carry it into the future.
BCPersonal attunes to your culture to find the perfect candidates for your leadership and specialist positions.

Finance, Accounting and Controlling

People living in a world of numbers have a unique way of thinking. We are aware of this, and at least some of us are fluent in their language. This facilitates the identification of custom-fit specialists and leaders for your Finance, Accounting and Controlling positions.